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Dain Y. (webmaster)   11/05/02
Minerals for exchange
I've got few minerals from France for exchange.
Rik Dillen  11/05/02
Mineralogical Record issues for sale
A complete set of "The Mineralogical Record" 1992-1993-1994-1995 is for sale for a total of 125 EUR + postage.
Please visit my website at http://users.skynet.be/rik.dillen
kevin Conroy  11/05/02
Tsumeb and Sardinian minerals online
Tsumeb and Sardinian minerals online, plus more to come.
Please visit my website at http://www.kcminerals.com/
Mark Cole  12/05/02
Fluorescent Minerals from Greenland
Brilliant and rare specimens from the Illimaussaq Complex and surrounding areas.
Please visit my website at http://www.minershop.com
John and Cecile Steenbergen  14/05/02
Australian minerals & fossils
Magnificent Australian & world wide Rocks, Minerals & fossil specimens ,from tiny to huge museum size .Contact Coolrocks Australia . We only supply the very best at all times ! See our bright website ,updated regular with new & exciting specimens.
Please visit our website at http://www.coolrocks.com.au/
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Marco Macchieraldo  14/05/02
Italian and alpine minerals
If you want to visit my web site http://web.tiscali.it/mmacchieraldo you'll find the best ratio quality/price on minerals specimens on the net. You'll find native golds, pink fluorites from Mont Blanc, hessonites and many others. Happy visit. macchieraldo@tiscali.it
Kemp LaMunyon  18/05/02
GeoSearch Engine and Auction
Find sites and sell stuff, preferable Rocks : http://www.geosearchengine.com
Mike Keim  18/05/02
Marin Mineral Company
Fine worldwide minerals in for sale, common and exotic species. Website updated regularly
Please visit our website at http://www.marinmineral.com
Edward Rosenzweig  20/08/02
Edwards Minerals
Purveyors of Fine Specimens from Around the World
Please visit our website at www.edwardsminerals.com
Hède Frédéric  20/08/02
Cherche contact dans les Alpes
Recherche sur haute Savoie un passionné de Quartz comme moi (voir mon site http://perso.club-internet.fr/ploum2) qui pourrait m'accompagner pour en rechercher sur les glaciers et aux abords du Mont-Blanc. Pas d'exploit physique mais un bon pieds suffira et surtout une grande envie comme moi de trouver un four de quartz enfumé...
A bientôt.
Mon site Alpinisme et Minéraux : http://perso.club-internet.fr/ploum2
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Kevin T. Brady  20/08/02
Fluorescent minerals for sell
Avid fluorescent mineral collector in the United States has several recently collected and old personal stock to sell quickly. This means good minerals at highly reduced prices. I have specimens in the miniature to large cabinet size. Prices vary, but all are affordable. Let me know what your interests are and we'll see what I have. Believe me, these are truly fabulous short-wave fluorescent specimens. E-mail me your desires. Always collecting so new stock being introduced monthly.
Contact :
Kevin T. Brady
10829 Port Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737
Larry Rush  31/08/02
Minerals to trade!
I am a retired geologist who likes to swap. I concentrate on aesthetic crystal specimens and will send the same in exchange. (No micros, please) Contact me for a recent list.
Jean Pierre Sopena  31/08/02
Oursins fossiles
Recherche tout sur les oursins fossilisés : fossiles, livres, articles, tirés à part, etc....
Barbara Doussang  25/09/02
A vendre géode d'Améthyste
Géode naturelle (non cimentée), de 73 kilos, en provenance du Brésil.
Cristaux de grande taille, violet soutenu.
Hauteur : 60 cm
Largeur : 37 cm
Profondeur : 27 cm
Prix : 5335 euros, à débattre.
Possibilité de la voir (Paris) ou de recevoir une photo.
Steve Gilmour  11/12/02
Crystal Wood Designs
I specialize in permanently fixing crystals and minerals to decorative wood mounts that are custom made to fit the specimen. The wood mounts are hand crafted from exotic, domestic and natural woods (burl and driftwood). Displays very in size and are designed from open display in your home or office. There are 12 galleies including mounts gallery.
Please, visite my site at : http://crystalwooddesigns.com
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Jim Daly  08/04/03
We have a large selection of micromount material at very attractive prices. We are now featuring phosphates, etc. from the Palermo #1 Mine. N. Groton, NH, USA. We also havea lot of material from Mont St. Hilaire, PQ, Canada and many other places.
Please, visite my site at : http://www.sauktown.com

Sauktown Sales
Mill Creek, IN